Friends of Covadonga: volunteering

From "Friends of Covadonga Association" we have launched a Peregrine Welcome Service (PWS) that, throughout the year helps to attend the more than three million people expected to visit Covadonga on a pilgrimage, and will support the performances designed by the Archbishopric and the Sanctuary itself.

The functions of the PWS are mainly information and assistance. On one side it provides basic information on the location, the main points of interest to visit in the Sanctuary as well as the schedules for different activities and services going on. On an other side, informs and helps to understand the meaning of the celebration, the place where we are, its historical value and, especially, its spiritual value.

In terms of assistance, it will try to make easier the visit for reduced mobility people or seniors who need to be helped to get around, families looking for a place to change diapers or heat a feeding bottle, foreigners who need information in their language and also manage the waiting lines to access to different places of interest ... all this according to the indications and needs transmitted from the organization.

The Church is family and this is the reason why we want people who visit the Sanctuary to feel welcomed , in a close enviroment and full of affection, as at home.

This is really the spirit of the Peregrine Welcome Service (SAP) of the Friends of Covadonga Association, and convinced of this exciting project we ask your collaboration to spread it all over the world, and invite you to participate as volunteer through one of the different options we have contemplated.

There are several ways to participate in this volunteering program, depending on your availability; single days, weekends, full weeks ... etc.

We take care of the training for the volunteer, so he can carry out the tasks entrusted and also provide accommodation and meals -if wanted- to help you to live a unique experience residing for a few days " in the same Sanctuary of Covadonga".

If you want to participate as a volunteer, or you know someone who wants to do it, you can register through the following questionnaire and we will contact you to get you the information (you can consult our privacy policy here).


Current occupation:

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Other knowledge or skills:

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Check your availability now:

Volunteer in Covadonga., indicate the number of days and period of the year in which you could go to the Sanctuary of Covadonga. Keep in mind that there is greater demand between June and September and weekends so it is easier for you to be selected if you choose days from Monday to Friday and months from January to June and from September to December. Point out your preferences.

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