Friendships Association of Covadonga: Who we are?

"Friends of Covadonga" is a civil and non-profit association, created in Asturias, at this moment in constitution phase. This new Association takes over from the one promoted last century, before the Law of Associations existed.

"Friends of Covadonga" we are people who, before the Marian Jubilee Year of Covadonga which commemorates the Canonical Coronation of the Virgin Covadonga image and the Child Jesus carried in her arms, we wanted to spread the devotion to the Virgin of Covadonga , using new technologies and disseminating and promoting all the activities that refer to Covadonga and its surroundings.

This association was born promoted by people from different backgrounds who, because their love to the Santina and aware of the importance of the new evangelization, want to promote different kinds of initiatives, specially culture, family, defense of life and emigration ones.

Who can belong to the Friendship Association of Covadonga?

All those people who, believers or not, wish to participate for any reason in the promotion of everything that makes reference to the Sanctuary of Covadonga and its Real Site.

The only requirement is to fill in the application form. The promoters have established as a voluntary requirement for those who are believers, to recite a Creed or a Hail Mary for the Pope and the relatives of those who compose it.

Because we want to be a speaker of everything that is done in Covadonga and from Covadonga, you will be promptly informed of everything that Covadonga is referring to.