Friends of Covadonga

Merry Christmas!

Covadonga December, 2017

Dear "Friends of Covadonga":

As you know “Marian Jubilee Year in Covadonga” was declared last September 8th. Throughout all this year we commemorate the Canonical Coronation of Virgin of Covadonga image with her “Child Jesus” in her arms.

For this reason, the Holy See has granted the grace of plenary indulgence to all those who go on a pilgrimage and meet the requirements, established by it, to achieve forgiveness. For this reason there are many people coming to the Sanctuary to participate in the various celebrations scheduled.

We know, and we thank the constant silent and anonymous work that you have developed over the past few years , participating in everything offered by the Sanctuary inviting others to participate and sowing the message of love of Our Mother the “ Virgin of Covadonga” from the last corner of Asturias to the farthest place you belong to.

With all my love, I encourage you to participate in the acts proposed during this year of grace, but even more strongly I request your active collaboration, as far as possible , by dedicating some of your time to help us to carry out this project, as exciting as I mentioned.

In some cases, it will be a matter of enacting programmed activities in the Sanctuary in your social networks, others of participating in volunteer programs as attending pilgrims using your academic or professional skills or knowledge of languages, which can be very useful to make them feel welcome and as a family.

Thanks for your friendship. I wish you, together with the Cabildo Colegial del Real Sitio, A Merry Christmas !! May God, when he calls your hearts-he does it every day-find a worthy inn.

I send you my blessing from the Holy Cave.

Adolfo Mariño Gutiérrez
(Covadonga´s Abbot)

Friends association of Covadonga

Would you like an association whose main activity is to promote devotion to Santina?

What do you think if, in addition, the only voluntary quota that had to be paid was to recite a Creed or a Hail Mary for the Pope and the relatives of those who compose it?

Well this is the association "Friends of Covadonga"

The promoters of AMIGOS DE COVADONGA are convinced that spreading and promoting devotion to the Virgin of Covadonga is a good way to live the mission of the Church, and actively participate in the Marian Jubilee Year of Covadonga, while we commemorate the canonical coronation of the Virgin of Covadonga image and the Child Jesus she carries in her arms, until next September 8th.

Because all of this, and to keep you informed, wherever you live, please join "Amigos de Covadonga" by filling in the following form (you can consult our privacy policy here).

Because we want to be speakers and voice of everything that is going on in Covadonga you will be promptly informed of anything that happens around.