Friends of Covadonga: Aims

What are the aims of the association?

As established in Article 6 of the Statutes, the purposes of the Association are

a) Spread the devotion to the Virgin of Covadonga.

b) Promote the return to the Christian roots of Europe

c) Support and promotion of everything related to the Site of Covadonga and its geographical environment.

d) Carrying out studies and procedures that promote greater knowledge and dissemination of the Sanctuary of Covadonga.

e) Collaborate with public agencies, authorities and other public or private entities, and inform and advise them on matters that affect the promotion of the Sanctuary of Covadonga.

f) Promotion of volunteering at the service of the Illustrious Cabildo de Covadonga, as well as attention to other demands that the Cabildo may requests.

g) Improvement of the installations and infrastructures of Covadonga.

h) All levels promotion, public and private, of all possible activities related to culture, family, the right to life and emigration.

i) Realization of any activity that can mean spreading the knowledge of the contents of the Faith, according to the articles of the Creed of the Catholic Church.

j) Promotion of all kinds of measures aimed at helping people in need and emigrants.

k) Promotion and support measures for initiatives to take inside and outside of Spain that aim; to defend faith and devotion to the Blessed Virgin, as well as the defense of religious freedom, culture, family and life.

l) Encourage the collaboration of the partners among themselves, to contribute in the best way to the achievement of the aims and objectives of the Association.

m) Promote training and information for all those who request it, with special attention to the youth sector, and to emigrants.

n) To foment the support to the initiatives and laws that defend the Christian roots of Europe. This Association will not have political, lucrative or mercantile motivations.